Annotated Timeline Unit 6

  • Lincoln's 10% Plan

    The beginning of Reconstruction caused problems with the Republicans who believed that the plan was not harsh enough led to the Wade-Davis Bill
  • Republicans send Wade-Davis Bill through Congress

    said that 50% of voters instead of 10% had to take the oath, wanted more enforcement of the emancipation. Lincoln did not sign the bill.
  • Lincoln Assassinated

    gave the presidency to Johnson who then had to deal with the part of facing what to do in Reconstruction led to the Radical Reconstuction.
  • Freedman's Bukeau

    was supposed to provide blacks and poor whites with foor, clothing, medical care, and education. The bureau education about 200,00 blacks (how to read). The South believed it was meddle some in their states rights. Johnson did not like it.
  • Black Codes

    laws that restricted free blacks ability to be free( basicallu was slavery) , many mortheners did not like these laws because they were just allowing things to go back to before the war.
  • Congress passes Civil Rights Bill over Johnsons veto

    was the first step that congress took to control the government led to the 14th amendment.
  • Ku Klux Klan Founded

    terrified, beat, and even murdered many freedmen and even some "carpet baggers" led to the Force Acts.
  • Tenure of Office Act

    passed to prevent Johnson from removing Lincoln backed people from office. he disobeted this which led to his impeachment.
  • Johnson impeached

    for "high crime and misdemeanors", the house did not get enough votes to impeachment the radicals saved him, leaving him to see to the purcase of Alaska.
  • Force Acts

    1870-1871 got rid of the Ku Klux Klan for the time, or at least made them reduce the openness of their horrible acts.
  • Freedmens Bureau ended

    no more support for blacks with out jobs, money, homes, or education caused the South to fall back into pre-war ways.