Animals In Space

  • Fruit Flies sent into space

    Fruit Flies sent into space
    The first animals sent off into space, were Fruit Flies. These flies were sent off by the United States in the German V-2 Rocket in Febuary. The Fruit Flies were discovered alive and unharmed by the high acceleration and radiation.
  • Period: to

    Animals in Space

    They might still experiment with animals and insects as technology expands, and there knowledge of space expands.
  • Albert the Rhesus Monkey

    Albert the Rhesus Monkey
    Albert was sent up to space in June, but unfortunetly died during the flight in 1948 when his capsule’s parachute failed. Another monkey was sent up named Albert II. He was sent to an even higher altitude on June 14, 1949. Sadly, he suffered the same fate as the parachute failed.
  • Mouse in Space

    Mouse in Space
    The following year, the United States launched a mouse aboard a V-2. Sadly the mouse had the same fate as the monkeys, when it's parachute failed. However, researchers obtained photographs of the mouse’s behavior in zero gravity.
  • Dogs going to Space

    Dogs going to Space
    The Soviet Union was very intrigued and intrested in launching dogs. In July , they sent Tysgan and Dezik on a flight and recovered them safely. They were the first higher forms of life to make it to space and back.
  • Making Changes

    Making Changes
    The changes the United States had made on the parachutes seemed to be working. A monkey and 11 mice were unharmed and safe after a flight that reached 44 miles. Although it didn’t reach the 50-mile goal of space it marked the first time the U.S had discovered a higher life form from dangerous space conditions.
  • Suspension

    The Air Force continued to launch dogs and mice into space until the space program was suspended. Many thought it was cruel and inhumane. But the suspension ended in 1958 after Soviet Union launched their first satelite.
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  • Laika the brave space dog

    Laika the brave space dog
    The first animal to enter orbit was Laika, which the Soviet Union launched in early November. Laika was a stary dog from Moscow until she was caught and put into training for the space program. Unfortunetly she passed away only hours after reaching orbit.
  • Gordo the Squirrel

    Gordo the Squirrel
    A squirrel monkey named Gordo was sent up 600 miles high in a Jupiter rocket on December 13, 1958.Gordo's capsule was never found in the Atlantic Ocean. He passed on the splashdown due to technical difficulties. But doctors looked over this case and deceided humans could survive this similar trip.
  • Monkeys Back Into Space

    Monkeys Back Into Space
    The U.S started to send monkeys back into space in 1958. Able and Baker became the first monkeys to survive a space trip after they were launched in the nose cone of a Jupiter rocket on May 28, 1959.
  • Sam the Monkey

    Sam the Monkey
    Sam a rhesus monkey was one of the more popular animals in the space program. He was launched in early December living in a a cylindrical capsule within the Mercury spacecraft atop a Little Joe rocket in order to test the launch escape system. He landed unharmed in the Atlantic Ocean.He was returned to the colony in which he was training. Sadly he died in November of 1982 and his remains were cremated.
  • Miss Sam the Monkey

    Miss Sam the Monkey
    Miss Sam, the monkey also known as Sam's mate, was launched on January 21, 1960, for another test of the LES. The Mercury capsule attained a high velocity and altitude. After landing in the Atlantic Ocean in a similar area as Sam. Miss Sam was also found in an overall good condition. She was also returned to her training colony until her death.
  • More Dogs Being Launched

    More Dogs Being Launched
    In late July of 1960 Bars and Lisichka were launched on a prototype spacecraft. Unfortunetly he booster exploded on launch, killing the two dogs instantly.
  • Goliath

    A one-and-a-half-pound squirrel monkey by the name of Goliath was launched in early November 1961. His fate was not as lucky as other squirrel monkeys, the spaceship was destroyed 35 seconds after launch from Cape Canavera.
  • Enos the Chimp

    Enos the Chimp
    Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961. He made one orbit around the earth, even though the original plan was 3 orbits. He could only complete 1 due to technichal difficulties.Enos landed safley in the correct area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown.
  • Cat In Space

    Cat In Space
    In Mid-October French scientists launched the first cat into space on a AGI sounding rocket . Felix was the cats name. He was successfully retrieved after a parachute descent. Other cats that were later sent up did not have as good as luck.
  • Insects in Space

    Insects in Space
    On one of the last Apollo flights, the rocket Skylab 3 launched in late July 1973. Inside the rocket were Anita and Arabella, two common Cross spiders. Tests were set up to to see if the spiders' could spin webs in space conditions. This trip was a very successful one and the spiders proved that they could spin webs in space.