American Dream Timeline

By mtw3
  • Industrial Revolution

    Income and population increase, jobs are created.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Freedom of America. America is free from Great Britain.
  • Great Depression

    American dream is crushed because of low wages, and the stock market crash. America enters into a period of depression.
  • New Deal

    FDR creates the New Deal.The New Deal focused on relief, reform, and recovery. Americans began to have faith in their government, and faith again in the American Dream.
  • FDR's Final Inaugural Adress

    FDR says that life will not always run smoothly, but life will get better through hrd work, and overcoming diesease. Roosevelt was speaking about the American Dream in this speech.
  • Martin Luther King Jr "I Have a Dream"

    Martin Luther King fights for civil rights, as his supporters listen. He inspires many to work hard, live in freedom, and left a legacy that is still present in todays society.
  • Election of Barack Obama

    Barack Obama being elected shows that it does not matter what your race is, we can all achieve the same goals if we work hard. Working hard and having it pay off is part of the American Dream.
  • Inaugural Adress 2013

    Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will have to adress a nation that is struggling economically. The next president will have to keep the American Dream alive, and revive it in a sense.