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America After WWI 1919-1939

  • Period: to

    red scare

    fear of communism
  • Period: to

    Red Summer

  • treaty of versailles

    lodge did his best to "americanize" the treaty
  • 18th amendment passed

  • Period: to

    800,000 iimmigrants

  • Period: to

    harlem renaissance

  • harding wins presidency

    harding defats cox in presidential election
  • harding landslide

    broadcast on radio
  • sacco vanzetti trial

  • emergency quota act

    an attempt to stem the flow of immigrants
  • veterans bureau

  • bureau of the budget

  • equal rights amendment

  • indians granted citizenship

  • immigration act of 1924

  • KKK march in washington

  • scopes trial

    darwinism in school?
  • U.S troops occupy nicaragua

  • the spirit of st. louis

  • marcus garvey convicted of mail fraud

  • sacco and vanzetti executed

  • herbert hoover elected president

  • valentines day massacre

  • stock drop

    people began to fear for the price of stocks.
  • black tuesday

  • japan invades manchuria

  • Period: to

    hoover dam

    construction of the hoover dam
  • black monday

    stock prices hit all time low as thousands scrambled to sell
  • Period: to

    dust bowl

    due to over farming and drought much of central america came to be known as the dust bowl
  • fair labor standards act

  • civilian conservation corps

    Sent 250,000 young men to work camps to perform reforestation and conservation tasks. Removed surplus of workers from cities, provided healthy conditions for boys, provided money for families.
  • federal emergency reliaf act

    Distributed millions of dollars of direct aid to unemployed workers.
  • glass-steagall act

    Created NRA to enforce codes of fair competition, minimum wages, and to permit collective bargaining of workers.
  • national industrial recovery act

    Created federally insured bank deposits ($2500 per investor at first) to prevent bank failures.
  • Period: to

    new deal

    F.D.R's new deal
  • public works administration

    Received $3.3 billion appropriation from Congress for public works projects.
  • civil; works administratioon

  • indian reorganization act

    restoration of ancestral lands to tribes
  • federal housing administration

    roosevelts plan included making houses more accessible and affordable.
  • securities and exchange comission

    Regulated stock market and restricted margin buying.
  • social security act

    Response to critics (Dr. Townsend and Huey Long), it provided pensions, unemployment insurance, and aid to blind, deaf, disabled, and dependent children.
  • wagner act

  • works progress administration

    Provided public works jobs at $15/week to four million workers in 1934.
  • national youth administration

    Provided part-time employment to more than two million college and high school students.
  • rural electrification administration

    Encouraged farmers to join cooperatives to bring electricity to farms. Despite its efforts, by 1940 only 40% of American farms were electrified.
  • agricultural adjustment act

    Protected farmers from price drops by providing crop subsidies to reduce production, educational programs to teach methods of preventing soil erosion.
  • WWII

    the beginning of WWII