Galileo 2

Alicia Acosta

  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo is born

    Galileo is born
    On Feburary 15, 1564 Galileo Galilei is born in Pisa, Tuscany. He is the oldest of seven children. His father was a musician and wool trader and he wanted galileo to study medicine so he could make alot of money.
  • Period: Feb 15, 1564 to

    galileo galilei

  • Jan 1, 1575

    you want to be a monk? yea right!!!

    you want to be a monk? yea right!!!
    Galileo is sent off to study in a Jesuit monastery. 4 years later he told his dad he wanted to be a monk, his dad withdrew him from there and sent him to the University of pisa.
  • Jan 1, 1581

    galileo attends the university of pisa

    galileo attends the university of pisa
    In 1581 he attended the University of Pisa, where he was to study medicine. However, he became interested in mathematics and decided to make the mathematical and philosophy related subjects his profession.
  • The law of pendulum

    The law of pendulum
    At age twenty, Galileo noticed a lamp swinging above him while he was in a cathedral. Curious to find out how long it took the lamp to swing back and forth, he used his pulse to time large and small swings, he then figured out that the time between each swing was exactly the same. The law of the pendulum, which is used to regulate clocks, made him instantly famous.
  • Galileo drops out

    Galileo drops out
    In 1585 Galileo left the university of Pisa without getting a degree.
  • Galileo at the University of Barcelona

    Galileo at the University of Barcelona
    He applied to be the chair of mathematics at the University of Barcelona but waas un successful. He was asked to give two lectures one on dante's inferno and the other on theorems on centres of gravity. As a result of the two he was made the chair at the University of Pisa in 1589.
  • military compass

    military compass
    Galileo found great success in 1596 with a military compass that could be used to accurately aim cannonballs. A civilian version made for land use came out in 1597 and earned a fair amount of money for Galileo.
  • Ooooooo burn!

    Ooooooo burn!
    Galileo was a religious manand agreed hat the bible could never be wrong, but said that the interpreters could of made a mistake and the rules weren't meant to be taken literally. Some of the church clergy accused him of heresy, this could of gotten him burned to death like Giordano Bruno but lucky for him he was found innocent and was warned not to teach the Copernican system anymore.
  • Galileo makes his telescope

    Galileo makes his telescope
    In the spring of 1609 he heard that in the Netherlands something had been invented that showed remote objects as if they were nearby. By trial and error, he figured out how to make it and made his own three-powered spyglass from lenses for sale in spectacle maker shops. He quickly figured out how to improve the instrument, and such apowerful telescope that magnified the object up to 20 times. In December he drew the moons phases and discovered that the moon was rough and uneven, not smooth.
  • Copernicanism

    Galileo confirms his belief that the sun is the center of the universe and changes from believing in Aristotelian to Copernicanism.
  • jupiter discoveries

    jupiter discoveries
    On this day Galileo turned his telescope towards Jupiter, and found three small, bright stars near the planet. One was off to the west, the other two were to the east, all in a straight line. The next day looked at Jupiter again, and found that all three of the stars were now west of the planet, still in a straight line. He started wondering if Earth was the center of the universe than shouldn't they be by Earth this made him ponder if the Copernician theory was correct.
  • The Starry Messenger

    The Starry Messenger
    Galileo Galilei published his findings in a small book titled The Starry Messenger. 550 copies were published in March of 1610, due to tremendous public acclaim and excitement.
  • One of Galileo's daughters die

    One of Galileo's daughters die
    Galileo's daughter Sister Maria Celeste died in 1634.
  • Galileo dies

    Galileo dies
    Galileo dies at the age of 77