Alexander Borodin

  • Birth Of Alexander Borodin

    Birth Of Alexander Borodin
    Alexander was born in Peter'sburg
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    His life

    He was a music composer and he had a very famours song the was called Polovtsian Dances.
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    Whole life

    Russian musical composer, natural son of a Russian prince, was born in St. Petersburg on the 12th of November 1833. He was brought up to the medical profession, and in 1862 was appointed assistant professor of chemistry at the St. Petersburg Academy of Medicine. He wrote several works on chemistry, and took a leading part in advocating women's education, helping to found the school of medicine for women, and lecturing there from 1872 until his death. But he is best known as a musician. His inter
  • Alexanders Symphony

    Polovtsian Dances Very famous song and lots of people admire it.
  • Alexanders death

    Alexander died because He had a Heart Failure