ALAA ARSHEED, famous violinist from Siria

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  • His story

    His story
    Alaa Arsheed is a famous violinist, escaped from Siria to realized his dream.
    We don' t know where he comes from. He is called "ghost" indeed.
    We only know he lived in Siria with his brothers and his father.
  • The escape

    The escape
    In 2011 Alaa escaped from Syria and he went to Libano but he wanted to reach Europe to follow his dream.
  • Alaa's arrival in Europe

    Alaa's arrival in Europe
    Between 2011 and 2015 he receveid a scholarship in Italy.
    So his dream of going to Europe came true.
  • Important events

    Important events
    In 2015 Alaa made a documentary with the famous italian actor Alessandro Gassman and he published his first album SHAM.
  • Alaa aims high

    Alaa aims high
    Finally in 2016 he shot "Torn", a short film of rare beauty presented at Venice Film Festival.