Al Qaida

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    Al Qaida is formed sometime between August of 1998 and late 1989 by former leader Osama Bin Laden.
  • First attack

    First attack
    Al Qaida carries out their first terrorist attack on a hotel in Aden, Yemen by detonating two bombs there. The reasoning was that U.S. were staying at this hotel.
  • First World Trade Center Bombing

    First World Trade Center Bombing
    Al Qaida attacks the World Trade Center for the first time, detonating a bomb in the parking garage killing six people.
  • Black Hawk Down

    Black Hawk Down
    The U.S. sends troops to Mogadishu, Somolia to give humanitarin assistance. The troops are ambushed by Somalis backed by Al Qaida and shoot down two helicopters.18 Americans were killed.
  • U.S embassy attacks

    U.S embassy attacks
    Al Qaida attacks the U.S. embassys in Tanzina and Kenya.At least 223 people are killed in these attacks.
  • USS Cole bombing

    USS Cole bombing
    The U.S. warship, USS Cole, is hit with a boat laden with explosives. At least 17 U.S. sailors were killed in the attack.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
    Al Qaida hijacks four U.S. airliners and fly 2 into the World Trade Center, one into The Pentagon, and one crashed in a field in Pennsylvaina. Almost 3000 people die in the attack.
  • Bali Bombings

    Bali Bombings
    On October 12th, 2002 3 bombs were detonated on the island of Bali. At least 202 people are killed.
  • Danish embassy bombings

    Danish embassy bombings
    Al Qaida detonated a car bomb at the Danish embassy in Pakistan. Six people are killed.
  • CIA bombing

    CIA bombing
    A man posing as a double agent for Al Qaida blew himself up in a CIA compound. This killed 7 CIA officials and 1 Jordadanian inelligence official.
  • Death of Bin Laden

    Death of Bin Laden
    A team of U.S. Navy SEALS raid Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and kill him.