Agriscience dates

  • Cotten Gin

    Eli Whitney
  • Period: to


  • Iron Plow

    Thomas Jefferson
  • Grain Reaper

    cyrus McCormick
  • Seed Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Cotten Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Steel Moldboard Plow

    John Deere
  • Corn Picker

    Edmund Quincy
  • Barbed Wire

    Joseph Glidden
  • Milking Machine

    Anna Baldwin
  • Perishable Food Preservation

    Thomas Elkins
  • Soil Improvement and Crop Rotatiion

    George Washington
  • Tractor

    Ben Holt
  • Act established funding for vocational agriculture in high school

    Smith hughes
  • FFA became a national organization

  • Creed adopted

  • FFA became one of a few student organizations to recieve a federal charter from congress.

  • FFA and NFA merged

  • Girls were allowed in FFA for the first time.

  • Gene Gun

    John Sanford
  • FFA colors are national blue and corn gold.

  • GPS Technology

    no body
  • Robotic Milking Machine

    Adam Crump was born.