Agent 146, Erich Gimpel, Non-Fiction, 274 pages

By Cicali
  • Pg. 1-42

    Erich moves to Peru as a telegraph operator for Germany before the war begins. He gets pulled into being a spy almost against his will. His first unformal mission is to become friends with this english family. Then his next 'mission' is to get to know every boat, captain and crew member that comes through the harbors. Total (1340)
  • pg 42-79

    After succeeding in both of those "missions", he goes on to train as a real spy. He is put through at least two real-life tests, i.e. someone spying on him and the secrecy test, and then has his first real mission. After that, he quickly handles things with confidence and is assigned to blow up the Panama Canal. That mission gets called off and his next job is to go to America and spy. He and an American traitor, Billly, start their journey. Total (1377)
  • pg 79-101

    After being on a submarine ship for a few weeks, Erich and Billy finally make it to America. They wait underwater for the coast guard to pass them by and then resurface and climb out. But another car pulls over on the side of the road and they realize it's just two teenagers. Billy and Erich go ashore and decide to stay on the road and find a major city to blend in with. Total (1399)
  • pg. 101-117

    Erich and Billy get passed by a suspicious boyscout who they later found out tried to get them arrested. Erich starts to set up his radio transmitter and then goes out to buy american parts. He talks to a cop and becomes even more confident in his english and ability to blend in. He also gets in a taxi on the way home, which then hits a lady and he flees the scene to avoid getting caught without papers. Billy has also gone missing. Total (1415)
  • pg 117-200

    Erich loses Billy and can;t find him, so he searches for the suitcases. He finds them, presents the key and confuses Billy all the more. Erich finds an old friend and borrows the condo for a couple weeks. He also falls in love with another friend of his friends', but leaves on Christmas night and gets arrested the next morning. He gets treated very well during interrogation. Total (1498)
  • pg 200-261

    After interrogation, the trial looms ahead and then is upon Erich. He gets sentenced to the death penalty by hanging. 4 weeks to go, then it catches up. But on the day before his hanging, the President dies, and due to that, the death is put off for longer. Then never. He is moved from one prison to Alcatraz then he is moved to Georgia. Total (1559)
  • pg. 261-274

    Erich's life sentence gets cut to 30 years and tradition had it that after 1/3 of a prisoner's sentence, they could ask for a parole pardon. Erich applied for one, was rejected and then a year later was accepted. He was put on a boat back to Germany and then lived there as a free man. The End. Total (1572)