Ag sciece

  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney
  • Period: to

    Ag sciece

  • Iron plow

    Thomas Jefferson
  • Grain Reaper

    Cyrus McCormick
  • seed Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Cotton Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Steel moldbord plow

    John Deere
  • Corn Picker

    Edmund Quincy
  • Barbed wire

    Joseph Glidden
  • Milking machine

    Anna Baldwin
  • Perishable food Preservation

    Thomas Elkins
  • soil improvement and crop rotaion

    Goerge Washington
  • Tractor

    Ben Holt
  • ffa becomes a national organisation

  • creed got adopted

  • FFA

    receved a Federal Charter from congress
  • FFA and NFA merged

  • Girls joined the FFA

  • Gene gun

    John Sanford
  • FFA symbol changed

  • Tractor based GPS

  • Robotic Milking Machines