Afghanistan War

By cnewman
  • 328

    Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great entered part of Persian Empire, and established a Hellenistic state in Bactria (present-day Balkh). 328 BC, I didn't know how to change the day/month/era
  • May 18, 642

    Arab invasion

    Arabs invaded modern-day Afghanistan and introduced Islam under Persian rule
  • May 18, 998

    Turkic Ghaznavids

    Afghanistan conquered by the Turkic Ghaznavids
  • May 18, 1219

    Genghis Kahn

    Genghis Kahn established Afghanistan as part of Mongol Empire
  • Afghanistan established

    Ahmad Shah Durran establishes Afghanistan
  • First Afghan War (British)

    1839 First British-Afghan War begins
  • First Afghan War (British)

    First British-Afghan War ends
  • PDPA

    People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) forms--Marxist-Leninist
  • Daoud Khan

    before 1973: monarchy (Muhammad Zahir Shah-last Durrani monarchy); Daoud Khan, Shah's cousin, takes over
  • Hisb-i Islami

    Hisb-i Islami (Gulbuddin Hikmatyar-student at Kabul University) forms
  • new constitution

    Daoud develops new constitution w/ single party system
  • Saur Revolution

    1978: Nur Mohammed Taraki gains control of Kabul
    Saur Revolution (Parcham and Khalq take over)
  • Adolph Dubs, Hafizullah Amin

    Adolph Dubs, Washington embassador, kidnapped/killed; Hafizullah Amin=prime minister, hold much of Taraki's power
  • Russian Invasion

    “Afghanistan= pawn” in Cold War rivalry
  • Babrak Kamul

    Hafizullah Amin mysteriously murdered, Soviets make Babrak Kamul new leader
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Zbigniew Brzezinski (national security advisor) sent to negotiate with Pakistani leaders supporting Afghan resistance
  • Olympic boycott

    Moscow Olympics—American boycott
  • mujahideen attack

    mujahideen sent 107 mm rocket into DRA supply dump, pretty much destroying the Afghan capital
  • Ghaffar attacks

    Ghaffar ("the forgiver") led attacks that destroyed 3 MI-24 helicopters--> Soviet fear
  • Michael Armacost, Osama military name

    United States made it clear they weren't backing down, represented by Michael Armacost; bin Ladin fights with Islamic Unity Party of Abdul Rasul Sayaf against Soviets, makes a military name for himself
  • Soviet American negotiations

    Soviets and Americans meet to discuss future roles in Afghanistan; Russia agrees to withdrawal troops
  • Soviet withdrawal

    Soviet claim to withdrawal troops from Afghanistan
  • Najibullah death

    mujahideen take Kabul, kill Najibullah
  • World Trade Center attack

    first World Trade Center attack- bombing
  • Taliban attack

    Taliban hijacked 11 US airplanes simultaneously; Saudi Arabia and U.S. warn Sudan about bin Ladin
  • Osama in Afghanistan, Taliban in control

    Saudi/ U.S. forces bin Ladin out of Sudan--moves to Afghanistan; Taliban seizes control of Kabul, pipelines=>America (uses oil)
  • bin Ladin interview

    Osama interview with CNN-- admits to 1993 killing of 18 American soldiers in Somalia; Afghanistan in official state of isolation (exception of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates)
  • embassy attacks

    terrorist attacks on American embassies in Kenya, Tanzania
  • counterterrorism group formed

    joint working group (Russia/United States) on counterterrorism set up to oversee policy on institutions like Taliban
  • USS Cole

    attack against USS Cole
  • terrorist attacks

    Terrorist attack on United States: 2 planes into WTC twin towers, 1 into pentagon, 1 in Pennsylvnia
  • Bush's goals

    Bush announces the goals of the United States' actions abroad to Congress
  • Executive Order 13244

    Bush signs Executive Order 13244
  • U.S. official attacks

    U.S. begins attacks on Afghanistan
  • democratic election

    Afghanistan held its first national democratic presidential election
  • Hamid Karzai

    Hamid Karzai was announced as the official president after October 9 election
  • Karzai inauguration

    Hamid Karzai inaugurated for a 5-year term