• Quiet Surge

    US President George Bush tries to make a move called the "quiet surge" by sending 4,500 more US troops to Afghanistan.
  • Period: to

    America's INvolvment in the Afghanistan War

  • Obama's New Starategy

    Barack Obama presents a new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan combat. He sends 4,000 more US personnel who will train the Afghan army and police. Plus there will be support for civilian development.
  • Wikileaks

    A website called Wikileaks published thousands of classified US military documents relating to Afghanistan and the combat strategy.
  • Protests

    A US pastor burned the Koran this influences people country-wide to protest, in some of the protests foreign UN workers and a couple Afghans were killed.
  • Office in Dubai

    Taliban, the opponent in this war for the US, agreed to open office in Dubai and might move towards peace conversations wiht the US and the Afghan government.