By thekure
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    the soviets launched another campaign against Zawar Kili with guided missiles.
  • Threat

    two Al-Qaeda leaders faxed a fatwa from Afghanistan to a London newspaper. The fatwa mainly said, with God’s help we call on every Muslim to compile with God’s demands and kill every American. This fatwa was dismissed and ignored as just another thoughtless threat.
  • Explosive

    2 Saudis ,in East Africa, detonated a two thousand pound explosive in the parking lot of the American embassy. Death count was 213 people and approximately 4,500 were injured.
    9 minutes later in Nairobi, approximately 420 miles away, an Egyptian driver detonated a similar bomb at another American embassy. 11 people died and 85 were wounded.
  • Navy

    US Navy launched sixty-six Tomahawk cruise missiles at Zawar Kili from warships in the Arabian sea. This failed attack only killed 6 jihadis and made Bin Laden notorious for surviving an attack without a scratch.