Afganistan "operation enduring freedom"

  • 9/11

    Al Queda, a terroist group hijacked American planes and crashed them into the twin towers. This was the key cause to the war in Afganistan, also known as "Operation Enduring Freedom". This event left America devastated. The event resaulted in 2,976 casualties.
  • Afganistan

    The war in Afganistan officially started. It began with allied air srtikes on both the Taliban and the group Al Queda targets. This event also became to be known as "Operation Enduring Freedom"
  • Taliban retreat

    Taliban retreat
    The Taliban retreated from mostly the Northern area of Afganistan.
  • Bombing raid on Tora Bora

    Bombing raid on Tora Bora
    There was a bombing raid on Tora Bora. This was a key event to The Afghanistan war, or "operation enduring freedom". This event took place from Dec. 12-17th of 2001. The Al Queda members hid deep in the mountains and took cover their when the bombings began. This was the last day bin Laden was seen alive, so many thought he was dead. sadly to be mistaken roughly a decade later.
  • Tora Bora bombing

    Tora Bora bombing
    The bombing raid on Tora Bora had officially ended, lasting roughly a week long. It was also called the "Kabul Bombing"
  • Taliban was thrown out of power

    Taliban was thrown out of power
    The Taliban's power had been seized, and Al Queda's network system had been demolished. This had a postive effect on the U.S.
  • Council ratifies new Constitution

    Council ratifies new Constitution
    Afghanistan was turned into an islamic State shortly after The council of Elders had a new constitution ratified.
  • Attempt on Vice President Cheney assassination.

    Attempt on Vice President Cheney assassination.
    An assassination attempt was carried out by Taliban insurgents. They addmitted that Vice President Cheney was their target.
  • !st group in Afghanistan

    !st group in Afghanistan
    The very 1st distributed group of Marines are placed into Afghanistan. By the date of June 9th, rougly 10,000 groups of marines are placed to ramp up Operations oposing the taliban.
  • Osama bin Laden killed

    Osama bin Laden killed
    Osama bin Laden was traced in Pakistan and killed by U.S troops. He was discovered to have been hiding in a compound found in Pakistan