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    Don Starkell

    On June 1st, 1980, Don and his son, Dana, set out by canoe from Winnipeg, and after two years reached the Amazon River and in 1986, Don and Dana were added to the Book of world records for finishing the longest canoe trip ever wich was an approximate distance of 20 000 kilometers. Then in 1990, Don kyaked up the Northwest Passage which took 3 years, and then he had to stop 30 miles short of his end point because of the severe frostbite that had taken the tips of his fingers and toes.
  • Ranulph Fiennes

    Ranulph Fiennes, a British explorer and adventurer, has led many expeditions and treks around the globe, searching for a thrill. He is the first man to reach the north and south pole, and he has also completed 7 marathons in seven days on seven continents.
  • Ed Viesturs

    Ed Viesturs has climbed Mt. Everest a grand total of seven times, and has climbed all fourteen of the world's highest mountains and is the sixth man to do so without any supplemental oxygen. Ed is a writer, a motivational speaker and he has also found a way to follow his dreams full time.
  • Benedict Allen

    Benedict Allen is a British writer, traveler and adventurer who is mainly recognized for travelling with Aboriginal people where he can learn and gain skills about hazardous and dangerous land, instead of with a Guide book or GPS.
  • Mike Horn- Latitude Zero

    In 1999, Mike Horn left Gabon to go on and 18 month adventure around the Equator, making him the first human to complete a solo circumnavigation of the world around the Equator unaided and without motors or engines
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    Roz Savage-Ocean Rower

    Roz was the first woman to row all the way across the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans solo, and in total she has rowed approximately 5 million oar strokes, gone more than 15 000 miles, in total spent more than 500 days at sea, 5 months being the longest with no land or human contact, and she has been capsized 3 times in 24 hours, and has faced death by dehydration.
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    Jean Beliveau's walk

    The idea to do this walk came to Jean in 1999 after he had recently sold his neon-sigh business, and was suffering through his mid-life crisis. Jean started training for his world-wide walk in the June of 2000, and just one year later he was in San Jose, Costa Rica. In the 11 years he did his walk, he went through 64 different countries in 6 continents, 49 pairs of shoes, 1000's of hospitable households all over the world, and walked more than 76 000 kilometers.
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    Ocean Gybe: Bryson and Ryon Robertson, Hugh Patterson

    In the summer of 2007, the three friends Bryson, Ryan and Hugh, left La Paz, Mexico to follow their dreams of sailing all over the world. While they were on their 3 year expedition, they continuously noticed the amount of pollution and waste that was littering the ocean, so when they returned to Vancouver, Canada, they decided to make people more aware by doing presentations at schools and creating a webpage about garbage in the ocean and littering and what we can do to help keep our earth clean
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    Geoff Mackley: Ambrym Volcano Expedition

    Geoff Mackley, the freelance photographer who enjoys a bit of excitement and adventure while he's photographing, and his crew recently went down Ambrym Volcano to get to the Ambryms Lava lake 400 meters inside the volcano. Geoff and his crew are normally taking photos and videos of natural disasters, such as when the volcano Batu Taru erupted, they were there on the volcano taking pictures, as well as other major disasters. Geoff has been taking exciting and daring photos like these for 25 years