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    History of Abortion

  • Roe v. Wade

    A Texas woman, "Jane Roe" wanted to have an abortion which was currently illegal in Texas. At the time it was illegal to have any abortion unless it was to protect the mothers health. Jane found two attorneys who were willing to go against Henry Wade, a Texas district attorney who thought abortions should be illegal. The supreme court then took take the case and decided in a 2-7 vote that abortions' should be legal. Specifically they decided that first trimester abortions were legal.
  • Hyde Amendment

    Congress passes amendment which bans the use of Medicaid or any other federal funding's to pay for an abortion.
  • Jane Roe

    "Jane Roe" (Norma McCorvey) converts to Christianity and says that she is now anti-abortion and regrets her involvement in abortion legalization. This news caused many to question abortions. If Roe went back on abortion, would many other mothers regret having abortions? Since Roe changed her mind, should abortion still be legal?
  • Ferguson v. Charelston

    In a 6-3 vote the supreme court decided that the law in South Carolina that required pregnant women to be drug tested when receiving medical treatment was unconstitutional. They argued that under the fourth amendment, no one can be drug tested without a warrant.
  • Alabama Legislation

    In May of 2019, Alabama enacted a law that made all abortions illegal, even if they were the product of rape or incest. This is known as the most extreme law signed in any state since the Roe v. Wade case.
  • Texas

    A new Texas law makes abortions illegal any time before 6 weeks. Many argue that 6 weeks isn't enough time to know your pregnant while others argue that a heartbeat can be detected as early as 6 weeks. This new law even allows for citizens to sue any person or company that receives or administers an abortion.
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