Abbie Wilson Famous Dead Guys Project

  • 101

    Democritus - 429 BC

    1st person to think of the atom.
    Thought atom was solid circle.
  • 101

    Aristotle - 400 BC

    Earth is composed of four elements water, fire, air, and earth.
  • Isaac Newton

  • John Dalton

    All matter is composed of atoms - T
    Atoms cannot be made or destroyed - F
    All atoms of the same element are identical - F
    Different elements have different atoms - T
    Chemical reactions occur when atoms are rearanged - T
    Compounds are formed from atoms of diff elements -T
  • Henri Becquerel

    Helped discover radioactivity.
  • J. J. Tomson

    Proved existence of electrons.
  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Was a tube of nothing hooked up to an electric charge. A beam of light resulted JJ held up a magnet to the beam and found the beam was charged.
  • Robert Millikan

    Measured a charge and mass of electroms.
  • Rutherford

    An atom has a central positive nucleus surrounded by negative orbiting electrons.
  • Bohr

    Depicted a small positive nucleus surrounded by electrons are traveling in orbits.
  • Iransis Aston

    Discovery of Isotopes of non-radioactive elements.
  • Schrodinger

    Atom consisted of nucleus and shells.
    Proved Bohr model incorrect.
  • James Chadwick

    Discovered the neutron.