A Terrorism Timeline

Timeline created by CASallied
  • Mogadishu, Somolia

    Mogadishu, Somolia
    11 killed, 17 wounded. two car bombs exploded outside hotel. Third exploded while being searched by gov’t officials. Perpetrated by Al-Shabab
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  • Kabul, Afghanistan

    Kabul, Afghanistan
    2 killed, 20 wounded. Bike rider detonated suicide bomb attack next to a bus. Perpetrated by Taliban.
  • Baghdad, Iraq

    Baghdad, Iraq
    17 killed, 49 wounded. quatruple carbomb in commercial market
  • Kunming, China

    Kunming, China
    28 killed, 113 wounded. Terrorist squad of Uyghur separatists attack train station with knives
  • Maiduguri, Nigeria

    Maiduguri, Nigeria
    212 killed, unknown wounded. Boko Haram fighters tried to free fellow jihadists from prison
  • Abuja, Nigeria

    Abuja, Nigeria
    71 killed, 124 wounded. two bombs detonated in a bus station
  • Bangui, Central African Republic

    Bangui, Central African Republic
    30 killed, unknown wounded. Seleka militants attacked a catholic church
  • Shabwah Governorate, Yemen

    Shabwah Governorate, Yemen
    14 killed, unknown wounded. Al-Qaeda militants attacked a military checkpoint
  • Jalula, Iraq

    Jalula, Iraq
    13 killed, 60 wounded. suicide bomber detonates vest at gate to office building
  • Damaturu, Nigeria

    Damaturu, Nigeria
    21 killed, 27 injured. suicide bomber in tricicle taxi detonated at a venue where people were watching world cup
  • Jerusalem, Israel

    1 killed, 6 injured, A Palestinian attacker rammed the front end of a massive construction excavator into an Israeli bus, overturning the vehicle and killing a pedestrian
  • Kidal, Mali

    Four Chadian United Nations peacekeepers were killed by an explosion near Kidal, Mali
  • Al Mukalla, Yemen

    Al Mukalla, Yemen
    47 killed, 75 wounded. suicide bomber detonated in midst of houthis rally
  • Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

    Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
    1 killed, 3 wounded. islamic convert attacked national war memorial with a rifle
  • Queens, New York City, New York, United States of America

    Queens, New York City, New York, United States of America
    1 killed, 3 wounded. radicalized islamic convert attacked NYPD officers with a hatchet.
  • Cairo, Egypt

    Cairo, Egypt
    2 killed, 8 injured, a bomb was detonated on a train carriage, killed two police officers.
  • Yahyakel District, Afghanistan

    61 killed, suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a volleyball match, among the deceased were many children
  • Marabi-mubi junction, Nigeria

    40 killed, roadside bomb killed 40 peopl;e including 5 soldiers at a bus stop
  • Gumsuri, Borno State, Nigeria

    185 people in the village of Gumsuri were kidnapped, and 32 people were killed
  • Waza Region, Cameroon

    15 dead, 10 injured, A group of Boko Haram militants attacked a bus