A Sound of Thunder

  • Exposition

    The setting of "A Sound of Thunder" is set in a futuristic time where time machines are available for use. One of the characters is Eckles and Eckles is a hunter who wants to hunt a dinosaur.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    Eckles and the man that is sitting behind a desk are grateful that Keith won the presidential election. Eckles says that he is not scared of the dinosaurs no matter how big they are. He also describes them as the great monsters of earth. So Eckles goes inside the time machine and travels 60 million years back to the past to hunt the dinosaur.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    While Eckels is traveling back to the past, he talks to Travis and Travis tells him not to step out of the metal path. Travis tells Eckels to be very careful and to not touch anything outside that metal path because it can alter the future.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    Eckles gets off the time machine and he is now looking for the dinosaurs. Travis tells him that the dinosaur they're going to hunt is marked in red. Eckles sees that the dinosaur is bigger and scarier than he thought it would be, so Echles, in panic, starts running all over the place to get away from the dinosaur. He steps out of the path that Travis told him not to step out of and goes to the time machine with his feet covered with dirt.
  • Climax

    Travis is mad at Eckles for stepping out of the path because it could have an effect in the future because he could have changed something in the future. Eckles looks at his shoes and he finds a butterfly that he stepped on when he ran out of the path.
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    Eckles notices that the air does not smell the same, and the sign was written differently and that is because he stepped on the butterfly.
  • Resolution

    Eckles realizes that everything that has changed in the future is his fault. Eckles starts begging Travis to go back in time and fix it what he has done, but Travis pulls out his gun and shoots Echles.