A midnight summer dream act 3

By rina123
  • Lysander and Hermia are walking in the wood,

    Lysander is tired, so he asks for sleeping to get some rest, and they sleep in the forest.
  • Puck discovers Lysander and Helena

    Puck discovers them, and he drops the love juice into Lysander's eyes.
  • Helena discovers Lysander who is laying on the ground

    She thinks if he died, so she wakes him up.
  • A talk between Helena and Lysanders

    Lysander atitude suddenly change and he comes very nice to Helena. He says he would through fire for your sweet sake. He says Hermia is just a black raven, and Helena is white dove.
  • Hermia wakes up

    When she wakes up, Lysanders is already gone.
  • Demetrious discovers Hermia

    He discovers Hermia and Hermia asks him about where is Lysanders? Demetrious jokes and he say he is died.
  • Demetrious gives up to follow Hermia

    Demetrious gives up to follow Hermia
  • Puck makes a mistake.

    Oberon asks Puck about his job but Puck makes a mistake.
  • Bottom is in the forest

    He got strange ears, so his friends ware gone. He is singing.
  • Bottom meets Titania

    Titania wakes up amd she talks to Bottom. Titania says she will give him fairies to attend upon.
  • Bottom enjoys Fairies's attend upon

    Fairies scratch his head and feed him fruit. And he sleeps with Titanina.
  • Hermia notice Lysander is diffrent

    Lysander says he doesn't love Hermia, and she notices he changes.
  • Hermia fights with Helena

    Hermia and Helena thinks this situation is because of each other. And they fight.
  • Lysander and Demetrius fight

    Lysander and Demetrius fight because they love Helena.
  • Obron thinks he should change them as before

    Puck and Obron know they did misstake, so they change as before. They let Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demetrius sleep, and they has a dream.