A long way gone

A Long Way Gone

  • Mogbwemo is attacked

    Mogbwemo is attacked
    Ishmael Beahs village of Mogbwemo is attacked and his family is split up.While he is away at the community center
  • First contact with RUF

    First contact with RUF
    He is captured by the Rebels, first time him and Khaliou are chosen but not Junior.The second time though Junior is picked too
  • Initiation

    He is initialed by the sight of the killing of the unchosen of the group, to show them blood and make them strong
  • Loneliness

    He is alone; because of the attack in Kamator. Ishmael is separated from Junior and his brother
  • Family

    Ishmael finds his parents but when he can get to them the village is lit on fire and they die.
  • Safety at first

    Safety at first
    Ishmael finds a government camp,joins it,and is promoted to lieutienant
  • Ambush

    Ishmael enters his first ambush, which included taking some white tablets (cocaine) to boost there energy.He also shoots his first person
  • UNICEF Relief

    UNICEF Relief
    The leadder of the army gives up some of his soldiers to the UNICEF workers and Ishmael is one of them that is chosen
  • Uncle Lennie

    Uncle Lennie
    Ishmael’s uncle is found and he moves in with his Uncle Lennie.They go to America to speak at the United Nations about the children in Sierra Leone
  • Koroma

    The new president of Sierra Leone is announced: Johnny Paul Koroma.Ishmeals uncle dies.Ishmeal leaves Freetown.Ishmeals moves to New York and graduates from the United Nations International School