A Child Called "It"

  • Good Times

    Good Times
    David remembers about the time he had a good life & a loving family. His father, Stephen Joseph, his mother Catherine Roerva & his two brothers Ronald & Stan. They would go out to places & celebrerated holydays together. Having smiles & laughts as a family.
  • Bad Boy

    Bad Boy
    Davids mom get home drunk one night and starts hitting David until the point where she breakes his arm. She notices him but walkes away as if nothing had happend. David was tiered of his mother beting him up he didnt have much friends but then he had one he was gang related and he dared David to burn down the school. and so did David do he got caught and his dad the fierfighter was very disapointed.
  • The Accident

    The Accident
    Davids mother told him he had twenty minutes to finish the dishes. He didnt really pay attention to her since she been saying the same thing for a week and she wouldnt do nothing. David didnt know she was extra angry that night. She threatening to kill him if he didnt finish the dishes by the time she comand him to. When his mother noticed he wasnt paying attention she got a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. David wanted to speek but the pain didnt let him.
  • The Fight for Food

    The Fight for Food
    David would always be grounded by his mother. Once they went out of vacations David was playing with his little brothers and his mother called him over grounding him of all the noice he was making. The punishment was to eat his little frother's dirty dipper. When they got home David wanted to eat but his mother wouldn't give him food so when it was lunch time at school he would leave and go to the nearest market and got as much aas he can without paying.
  • While Father Is Away

    While Father Is Away
    Mother goes a little bit harder on David. She does not feed him for ten days and in the eleventh day she gives him two minutes to eat the left overs of his little brothers. David would ask his neighbors if he can mow their lawns for money just so he can have money to eat and stay alive
  • The Lord's Prayer

    The Lord's Prayer
    David didnt want to believe in god anymore he thought that hope and faith were meaningles words. His brothers now took turns to hit him and they enjoyed it. he felt safe in school more then in this own home where they treated him like a slave. He prayed saying "... and deliver me from evil." "Amen."
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    David had been called 'it' by "the mother" several times by this point. He has gotten stabed by her. The nurse from school notices his scwars, cuts, bruses. David says its another accedent. David's teacher, principle, nurse have a metting & deside to take him to Daly City so he cant be hurt from the mother again.