Explorer - Addison

  • Dec 1, 1400

    birth date of john cabot

    He was born in the1400s
  • Dec 1, 1400

    John Cabots birth place

    he was born in Genoa,Italy. when John was born there was a big war going on.
  • Dec 1, 1400

    were he was born

    John Cabot was born in a place called Genoa in spain
  • Feb 17, 1565

    John moved

    John moved from a Genoa to Bristol
  • John Cabot set out to find new trade routes and new routes to the east

    John set out to find new ways to trade,he loved to trade and see what people could make to trade. He set out on a ship around the age 14.
  • Period: to

    At sea to find new routes to the east

    on the way of finding new rooutes he would stop and trade with other people who lived near.
  • Nobody knows how he died

    how John died? nobody knows they say his ship could have crashed or he could have gotten sick or that he fell over board but its all a mystery of how John Cabot died.