The Bright and Dark Times of the 20's and 30's

  • The 18th Ammendment

    Act passed to forbid the purchase and consumption of alcohol in America.
  • Teapot Dome Scandal

    The Secretary of the Interior, Albert B. Fall sold out the Navy's oil reserves in California and Wyoming for about $400,000 even though previous presidents had already reserved them specifically.
  • President Coolige is Elected

    Cooolige was president during the peak of the Roaring Twenties and was envied by almost all Americans
  • Th e Spirit of St. Louis Leaves for Paris

    This picture is of the construction of the Spirit, however, the actual flight was months after this picture was taken.
  • The Spirirt of St.Louis lands in Paris

    The young pilot Lindbergh landed in Paris in exactly 33 hours, 30 minutes, and 29.8 seconds.
  • President Hoover is elected

    Hoover was elected because he said he would do exactly what President Coolige, before him, did for the country.
  • Black Tuesday

    The day the stock market bottomed out.
  • Hawley-Smoot Tariff Acts

    Act passed in an attempt to better the economy but it actually only ended up worsening the depression.
  • Period: to

    The Dust Bowl Years

    Several Years of droughts and loose topsoil and high winds kicked up a lot of dust which became statically charged and collected more dust and made towering dust storms.
  • Bonus Army March

    The Bonus Army March was a march of veterans to the Capitol in Washington. The veterans were homeless, hungry, and unemplyed and they marched to demand their money. They desperately needed the money and had been promised it two years before.
  • The Election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt worked fast to try to fix the nation's number one problem, which was money. Within the first 100 days he had made and passed 15 bills regaurding banks and the economy.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC)

    The CCC was a program made to help men from ages 18-25 with unemployment. CCC camps were set up all over the United States, and had jobs provided such as building public parks, restocking rivers with fish, and many other varieties of jobs. The pay was 30 dollars a month, and 22 dolalrs got sent home to family members.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Corporation that helped with electricity by building dams, that helped with floods and irragation. There was also Hydro-electricity pruduced from these dams.
  • The 21st Ammendment

    This ammendment made it legal to drink again.
  • The FDIC

    Act passed for banks to insure up to $5,000 in cash for people's deposits.
  • Works Progress Administration

    This was made to help get people jobs again and get out of the Depression
  • Social Scurity Act

    This act was a system that offered benefits to those workers of old-age, workers who suffered industrial accidents, aid for single mothers and their children, insurance for the unemplyed, and aid for the blind and physically challenged.
  • World War Two Begins

    Day that Germany inc=vaded Poland which marked the beginning of the war.