Harriet Tubman time line

By rawalsh
  • Harriet is born

    Harriet Tubman is born
  • Harriet got hit in the head

    Harriet got hit in the head with a 2 pound weight
  • Harriet gets married

    Harriet marries John tubman
  • Harriet escapes

    Harriet escapes to freedom
  • harriet returns to maryland

    Harriet returns to maryland to help one of her brothers a 2 men escape to freedom
  • harriet reurns to help her parents

    Harriet goes back to maryland again to help her parents escape
  • harriet works as a nurse and teacher

    Harriet begins to work as a nurse and teacher for the union army
  • harriet becomes a scout

    Harriet becomes a scout for the union army
  • Harriet laeves the army

    Harriet leaves the army because of exhaustion
  • John dies

    Harriets first husbend john tubman dies
  • Harriet gets married again

    Harriet marries Nelson Davis
  • Nelson dies

    Harriets second husbend nelson dies
  • Harriet dies

    Harriet dies because of pneumonia in auburn new york