Conquistador time line

  • Period: Nov 22, 1460 to

    Early Florida Explorers

  • Nov 22, 1513

    Leon's ships landed so he named it La Florida.

  • Nov 29, 1519

    Menedez ran away from home to be a sailer.

  • Nov 22, 1521

    Leon returns to Florida to build a colony. A month later the Calusa killed him.

  • Nov 22, 1528

    Vaca and Narvaez sail to Florida.

  • Nov 22, 1530

    But then they landed some were eles!

  • Nov 22, 1535

    Men sewed ther shirts and made a boat a storm came and Vaca died.

  • Nov 22, 1539

    Desoto landed in Tampa and men almost died of not having water but found a unexplored place with water.

  • Nov 22, 1542

    Desoto became ill and died.

  • Nov 29, 1556

    The king granted him permission to start a colony in FL.

  • Nov 22, 1562

    Desoto sailed to FL to find gold.

  • Nov 22, 1562

    Ribault was sent from Fance to FL to get land.

  • Nov 29, 1566

    He tradded the Calusa for food and other supplies.

  • Nov 29, 1574

    Menedez dies.

  • Drake sailed to the East coast of FL.

  • They landed in FL and Drake picked up a tropical disease and he wanted to die as a soldier so he got out of his deth bed and put on his armor.