Kara and Kaleb's conquistador timeline

  • Period: Nov 22, 1460 to

    conquistador timeline

  • Nov 22, 1508

    On orders from the king of Spain to explore and colonize Florida.

  • Nov 22, 1513

    His ships landed on Florida's east coast near present-day St.Augustine.

  • Apr 14, 1528

    He arrived near Tampa Bay with a large army from spain.

  • Nov 22, 1536

    He was given ''La Florida" the area previously given to Narves.

  • Nov 22, 1540

    He headed across the mississippi river to look for gold and silver.

  • Nov 22, 1556

    The king granted him permision to start a colony in Florida to try to drive out the french.

  • Nov 22, 1565

    He officially named it St.Augustine the first permanent settelment.

  • He managed to escape to france where he documented of his tragides.

  • He spyed a St.Augustine watch tower and important land mark for spanish settelers.

  • He was abored one of his ships and a tropical desices that he probely picked up during his last trip to Florida.