90's timeline

  • Human Genome Projecct

    Was the first time Scietist looked into DNA very deeplle, the goal was to map the human genome. Started to find ne ways to use DNA for many things such as CSI.
  • Incasion of Quawait

    When Quiawait was invaded by iraq. This was for the oil. This increadsed the price of oil. The US interveined in the incredidbly sucessful vietnam.
  • election of 1992

    was between Bill Clinton, Gearoge W. Bush and Hr. Ross Perot. Clinton won becuase bush was insulted becuase he went back on his campaign promise of "no new taxes". Perot also hurt bush.
  • Waco crisis

    when the ATF had recieved awarrant to check a house for firmearms. They went into the house and 2 of the 4 agetns where killed. This resulted in 51 day battle ending with 2 explosions.
  • Internet

    Is a a web of information that is never done growing inter connecting the world unlike ever seen before. Started by scietest who wanted to share info.
  • health care reform Attempt

    A plan proposed by Bill Clinton in 1993 to reform healthcare, but was was campainged by Hillary. It was very unsucessful due to the conservitive congress.
  • Winodws 95

    a user freindly software setup catrerd to PC. Was the main thing that got windows recognized.

    This allowed the US, Canda, and Mexico to have free trade, allowed for easy ecnomic growth, It has backfired today though.
  • DOS

    Was used to operate windows on IBM format computers. Was the interanl sysytem the made the user frediendly operating system possible, and was used fo PC's
  • Oklahoma city bombing

    Most destructive act of domestic terroim in US history. A car bomb pulled up to a a govermtn building and blew up killing 168 people.
  • Dot.com bubble

    when the stock market saw expentincial gowth in the ineternet sector. Many companies where over valued becuase their value was more than revunue.
  • election of 1996

    Was when Bill Clinton ran aganist bod dole and slatughteered him in the electoral ccollege. Was a easy win becuase econmey was great.
  • Unabomber pleads guilty

    When a man mailed semtex. He killed three people. He was a Harcard graduate who had gone insane.
  • kyotto protacal

    This is was when the ozone layer was being depleted. So an action was created by the UN. This was reduce the green house gases.
  • Impeachment trial

    Was a trial aganist Bill Clinton on charges of obesurcation of justice and prejury. This brought to fruition by the lewsinky scandal and puala jones. He was later aquitted.
  • Kosovo Intervention

    Serbia is mistreating Kosovens do the us intereviened with 42 days of bombing. This showed US never needed to put roops on the ground.