By tlkale
  • First Modern Olympics- Athens, Greece

    First Modern Olympics- Athens, Greece
    Medal TallyThe Offical Game report-Estabishment of the International Olympic Committee
    -Althletes from 14 nations and 43 events
    -The games lasted 10 days, the shortest Olympics of the Modern era
    -American James Connolly won the triple jump making him the first Olympic champion in more than 1500 years
    -Karl Schumann of Germany finished in the top 4 in 4 different events
    -Paul Masson of France won 3 of 6 cycling events
    -U.S dominated track and field, winning 9 of 12 events
    -Featured the first marathon, won by Spiridon Louys
  • Summer Olympics- Paris, France

    Summer Olympics- Paris, France
    Comparison of Medals from 1896 & 1900Game Results-All events held in Paris' Velodrome de Vincennes stadium
    -no opening or closing ceromonies were held and no gold medals were given out
    -The games were held as a part of the 1900 World Fair
    -Due to the immense size of the fair, the games were poorly orginized and poorly publicized
    -over a thousand competitors took place in 19 different sports
    -Women took part in the games for the first time
    -Alvin Kraenzelin, Irving Baxter, Ray Ewry and John Tewksbury dominated 23 track and field events
  • Summer Olympics, St. Louis

    Summer Olympics, St. Louis
    -First Olympics in the United States
    -First Olympics to implement the medal system with gold, silver, and bronze given to first, second, and third, respecitvely.
    -Only 13 countries
    -500 out of 687 competitors are American
    -Fred Lorz, a marathon runner, travels 11 miles in a car
    -Games almost long amongst hype of World's Fair, which was in celebration of the U.S.'s centennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase
    -Boxing, freestyle wrestling, the decathlon, and dumbbells were introduced
  • Summer Olympics, Los Angeles, California

    Summer Olympics, Los Angeles, California
    -Held during worldwide depression
    -Many Nations couldn't afford trip
    -Lowest amount of competitiors since 1904
    -Indroduced the Olympic Village
    -First to use the victory podium
    -Largest stadium used for an Olympics with the Los Angelos Collesium
    -United States had most medals with 103 while Italy was second with only 36
  • Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany

    Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany
    -First Olympics with live television coverage.
    -First Olympics with basketball as an event.
    -49 nations competed in the games.
    -Afghanistan, Bermuda, Bolivia, Costa Rice, Liechtenstein, and Peru’s first Olympic appearances.
    -The Aryan race proved not to be the dominate race.
  • Mexico City Summer Olympics

    Mexico City Summer Olympics
    -First Olympics held in Latin America, as well as first Olympics held in developing country
    -Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo lights Olympic cauldron
    -First doping tests, leading to first doping disqualification
    -Closing ceremonies broadcasted in color worldwide
    -Tommie Smith and John Carlos Black Power salute
    -Altitude over 2,240 meters
    -World records in all track events under 1,500 meters, as well as long jump and other events
    -Debbie Meyer wins 3 individual gold medals in swimming
  • Summer Olympics, Muncih, Germany

    Summer Olympics, Muncih, Germany
    -First Olympics held in Germany since 1936
    -Olympics were themed to be the "Happy Games"
    -On September 5th Arab terrorists killed 2 Israeli athletes and took 9 others hostage in the Olympic village
    -On September 6th the 9 hostages were killed
    -The Games continued 4 days after the incident
    -First time Games had been used in a violent way
    -Mark Spitz won 7 Gold Medals for the Americans
    -Soviet Union won the most medals with 99
  • Winter Olympics-Lake Placid, New York

    Winter Olympics-Lake Placid, New York
    Miracle on Ice-37 nations competing in 38 different events
    -Transportation and Communication was unacceptable
    -Faced Problem with the "Two China" issue, and Taiwen withdrew from the games in protest
    -President Jimmy Carter called for a U.S led boycott of the Moscow Olympics
    -Artificial Snow was used for the first time
    -Eric Heiden, won 5 gold medals, set 4 Olympic records and 1 world record in the 10,000m
    -"Miracle on Ice" where the U.S hockey team beat the Soviet Union and later won the gold medal
  • Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States

    Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States
    -Record 197 nations competed
    -1.8 billion dollars spent by US
    -Wasn’t called “greatest Olympics ever”
    -79 nations received medals.
    -Muhammad Ali receives replacement medal