history time line

  • assasination of franz ferdinand

    assasination of franz ferdinand
    Franz and his wife decided they should go check on Austro-Hungarian troops in Bosnia and for the parade. Both of them are asasinated.
  • Period: to

    history time line

  • stock market crash

    stock holders had lost more than $40 billon dollars
  • unemployment rises to 15.9 percent

    unemployment rises to 15.9 percent
    no major legislation is passed addressing the depression
  • some relief of unemployment

    some relief of unemployment
    congress pases the banking act of 1935 the emergency relief appropriation act,the national labor relations act and the social security act. unemployment gets a little better
  • hitler & mussolini

    hitler & mussolini met up in munchin and agreed that hitler should have the sudetenland of cxechoslovakia