chemistry scientists project.

  • 322


    greek philosipher, came up with the idea that all matter is made up of the atom.460-370bc
  • dalton

    came up with the 5 postulates. 1766-1844
  • crookes tube

    crookes tube was envinted some time between 1869-1875. it heloed scientists look at the subatomic particals of an atom.
  • jj thomson

    well known for his discovery of the electron and isotopes. some time between 1856-1940
  • john newlands

    arranged the elements accoreding to there atomic mass.
  • mendeleev

    classified the elements according to the chemical propertys. some time between 1834 1907
  • rutherford

    most famous for the rutherford model of the atom. sometime between 1871 and 1937
  • bohr

    revised the atomic structuer and came up with quantum mechanics
  • aristotle

    was known as the father of ethics. he came up with the idea that the atom is uniform. 384bc- 322bc