History of Afghanistan

  • The Monarchy

    The first leader to run the monarchy was Shah Durrani . He lead it from 1747 to 1973. Around the twenthih century is when the Indpendent Nation was formed.
  • The Government

    In August of 1919 Afghanistan gained their rights of Independence . In 2004 they made a judicial , legislative and executive branch like the United States.
  • Location

    Afghanistan is located with many citiies .The Country has many different lands and land marks.
  • Afghanistan's King

    In 1973 King Shah Durrani was overthrown by the country. His cousin Mohammad Daoud took upon himself and placed himself as the New President.
  • Womens Rights

    The women in Afghanistan don't have many rights to do what they want . So in 1977 a lot of women created , the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan to stand up for Womens Rights.
  • Education

    Most adults in Afghanistan don't have much education. In 1980 88 percent of adults had no education. Now days childenrens learning is a prilvilage and only about 5 percent get some form of learning experience.
  • The Taliban

    The Taliban took over Afghanistan around 1990. They are stil in power today by 1998 90 percent of them occupied the Country . http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/5380.htm
  • Nature.

    Because of Afghanistans climate trees are very rare. Animals are larger animal like hyenas.
  • Customs

    The Talbian didn't allow Afghanistan to watch television. Also if you were male and didn't grow a beard you would be sent to prision
  • Media

    Because of the Taliban the Afghans were not allowed to be free with the press.They have a newspaper but not many people read by because of the literacy rate
  • Rebuilding

    The new President of Afghanistan is Hamid Karzai. He took the leadership of the country in 2001.
  • Security

    The main people who secure Afghanistan were the Talbian. Now with them gone it is hard for them to secure things.
  • The Government

    In Afghanistan on October 9,2004 they held there first national democratic presidential election. During the election over 8 million people voted for the election.
  • Women's Rights

    In Afghanistan President Obama and Gordon Brown are trying to make it illegal rape within marriage. The Shia men don't allow there wifes to eat if they don't please them.
  • Music

    The main music in Afghanistan is folk music. The style and charactistics in music vary throughout the different citities .
  • Female Lieutenant in the Army

    Twenty- Nine female Afghan women graduated from the Afghan Army Candiate School, A U.S. Captain Janis Lullen believes that their country is taking a giant step . http://www.afghan-web.com/military/afghanfemale_lieutenants.html
  • Gender Roles

    In Afghanistan men are ment to be domestic and take care of the women. Women however are expected to take of children, maintain the house hold and chores .
  • Marriage

    In Afghanistan you are obligated to get married,divorce is not a option. A lot of people in Afghanistan marry their cousins .
  • Medicine and Care

    Although Afghanistan doesn't have doctors and nurses they still have other methods of medicine. They use herbs and animal products.
  • Religon

    In Afghanistan most religion is Muslim. There are two parts there is the Shi'is and the Sunnis.
  • Sports

    The main sport in Afghanistan is kite flying . Most people play the game Buzkashi which is goat killing
  • Food in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan has a lot of different variety of foods .One of the main courses is lamb.
  • Sites

    Mosques are the more frequent sites seen in Afghanistan. Some other are Museums a big one is in Kabul .
  • Welfare

    Because of the deaths of so many infants Afghanistan has the worst developed care system. Women where expected to care the injured and sick
  • Housing

    Most families live together in one house. The women in the house are excepted to care for all the children and house dutites