Roe v Wade

  • Case First Argued

    Case First Argued
    On Decemeber 13, the case of Roe v Wade was first argued and then Roe appealed it to the Supreme Court. Roe was single woman who was pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy by having an abortion. The state of Texas prohibited all pregnancies unless in life saving instances.
  • Case reargued

    The case as reargued on Oct 11 because Roe appealed the case. Harry Blackman, a supreme court justice, thought that this case emphasized what he saw as the Texas law's vagueness.
  • Rape and Incest

    No specific date! By the end of the year 4 states have decided to allow abortion i the case of rape or incest.
  • Case Decided

    The court found that abortion was a right of privacy. Roe was able to get her abortion. It was decided on a 7 to 2 majority vote striking down Texas state laws.
  • March for Life

    March for Life
    The first March For Life took place. Now every year there is a march for life and thousands of Pro-Life people march in Washington DC
  • National Pro Life Day

    National Pro Life Day
    Now today many of teens and adults all over the United States particiapte in National Pro Life Day. This is where many people put red duct tape or red bandanas around their arms and loose a day of talking for all the babies that never had a voice due to abortion.