"The Bet"

  • Arugument

    The banker, and the lawyer argue about capital punishment. They make a bet for the lawyer to stay in prison for fifteen years.
  • Period: to

    Locked up

  • Period: to

    First Year

    From reading his notes he suffered severely form depression and lonliness. You could hear the sounds of piano being played. He refused wine and tobacco.
  • Period: to

    Second Year

    The piano was silent in the lodge, and the prisoner asked only for the classics.
  • Period: to

    Fith year

    In the fifth year music was audible again, and the prisoner asked for wine. Those who watched him through the window said that all that year he spent doing nothing but eating and drinking and lying on his bed, frequently yawning and angrily talking to himself. He did not read books.
  • Period: to

    Second half of the sixth year

    "In the second half of the sixth year the prisoner began zealously studying languages, philosophy, and history. He threw himself into these studies..."
  • Period: to

    Last two years

    "In the last two years of his confinement the prisoner read a lot of books quite indiscriminately. At one time he was busy with the natural sciences, then he would ask for Byron or Shakespeare. There were notes in which he demanded at the same time books on chemistry, and a manual of medicine, and a novel, and some treatise on philosophy or theology."
  • The letter

    The banker reads the letter the lawyer wrote
  • Escape

    The lawyer leaves five minutes before his time is up.