Chapter 2 timeline

  • Period: Sep 9, 1200 to

    Chapter 2 Timeline

  • Sep 9, 1215

    Magna Carta

    The Great Charter
  • Limited Government

    Governent is restriced in what it may do, and every individual has certain rights that government cannot take away
  • The English Bill of Rights

    prohibited a astanding army in peacetime
  • Albany Plan of Union

    the meeting was to discuss the problems of colonial trade and the danger of attacks by the French and Native Americans
  • The Stamp Act Congress

    Britain's harsh tax and trade policies fanned resentment in the colonies
  • First Continental Congress

    these new laws denounced in America as the Intolerable Acts, prompted widespread calls for a meeting of the colonies
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Benjamin Franklin had spoken those words on July 4
  • The Articles of Confederation

    was approved!
  • The Critical Period

    the long revolutionary was finally ended on October 19
  • Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise

    Congress was forbidden the power to tax the export of goods from any state