7.01 Timeline Assignment (1980-1989)

  • Moscow Summer Olympics Issue

    President Jimmy Carter votes/requests to the United States Olympic Committee to keep American athletes from going to Moscow Summer Olympics. This on part of American involvement of Soviet Union in Afghanistan. This impacted the U.S. from being able to compete American athletes in the Moscow Summer Olympics, an important event for Americans of this time.
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    Important Impacts on the United States

  • Operation Eagle Claw Fails

    The United States tries to rescue American hostages being helped captive in Iran. Yet, failing to do so. Due to their attempt eight Americans were killed, and five wounded. This rescue was part of operation Eagle Claw, which experienced a mid-air collision. This impacted the United States, in that they lost a couple Americans, their operation failed, and was unable to rescue these captive American hostages.
  • Tax Cut Makes History

    President Ronald Reagan puts forth his proposal for Tax Cut legislation. His proposal passes by both houses of the U.S. Congress, making it the largest tax cut in history. This tax cut reduced $750 billion five years after it being proposed. This impacted the United States and its people in paying less taxes overall.
  • Unemployment Rates Go Up

    By the end of November, 1982, unemployment rates in American reached 10.4%. This being the highest unemployment rate since 1940. About eleven million people would be out of jobs. The impacted the United States working force. It also impacted the people to become poor & have a hard time to make a living. There were less people working, and more people struggling to find work during this time.
  • First Women To Travel In Space

    During this year the first American woman, travel into space. This woman being Sally Ride, who is officially known as the first American women to travel into space. This impacted the women of the United States, because not only men could travel into space, but women too! Basically, more options for what women can do.
  • First Women For Vice President

    Walter Mondale, a Democratic candidate for President, selects Geraldine Ferraro to be his vice president. Geraldine is the first lady to be selected for vice president position. This impacted women everywhere in the United States, showing them they could go for a position like that as a job. It opened up more possible jobs for women of that time. It also expanded women’s options in the workforce.
  • Biggest Merge Ever

    General Electric Company decided on buying out the RCA Coporation. They buy RCA for a whopping $6.28 billion. This impacted the United States, because it was the largest coporate merge ever, aside from the oil industries.
  • Crisis in Reagan Tenure

    During this time, it was first reported that the Iran-Contra affair was occurring. This was an affair that moved money from "arm" sales to Iran, which funded Nicaraguan contra rebels. This impacted the United States, because it began the biggest crisis for the Reagan tenure.
  • Economic Reports Show Improvement

    The Labor department indicated that in this year, compared to previous ones, that economic rates grew 3.8%, As well did it show that the unemployment rate was 5.3%. This impacted the United States in that the economic growth rate was the largest in four years, and the unemployment rate was the lowest in fourteen years.
  • Colin Powell

    The Army general Colin Powell is evaluated during this time. He is evaluated for the position of Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. He takes over this position. This impacted the United States, in that he became the first African American to be nominated into that position.