Communication Events and Inventions from 1800-2010

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    History of communication technology from 1800-2010

  • Joseph Nicéphore Niépce makes the first photographic image

    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce achieves the first photographic image
  • Charles Wheatstone reproduces sound in a primitive sound box.

    This would later be know as a "amp" or amplifier.
  • Joseph Henry invents the first electric telegraph and telegrapic message.

    Transmits information in various forms of signals to other people
  • Samuel Morse invents Morse code.

    Uses a series of dots and dashes to transmit information.
  • Samuel Morse invents the first long distance electric telegraph line.

    Send messages farther away via telegraph.
  • Alexander Bain patents the first fax machine.

    Duplicates and sends information to other people
  • United States starts the Pony Express for mail delivery.

    You can send letters and mail to others far away and its fast...for 1861!
  • Coleman Sellers invents the Kinematoscope. a machine that flashed a series of still photographs onto a screen.

    a machine that flashed a series of still photographs onto a screen.
  • American, Sholes the first successful and modern typewriter.

    You can now type letters unstead of writing them witch allows you to write a message in half the time!
  • Thomas Edison patents the mimeograph - an office copying machine

    You can now duplicate information that is useful to send to others.
  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the electric telephone.

    You can call others and speak to them verbally from far away.
  • Eadweard Muybridge invents high speed photography - creating first moving pictures that captured motion.

  • Almon Strowger patents the direct dial telephone or automatic telephone exchange.

    This invention made making phone calls easier and more efficient.
  • Guglielmo Marconi improves wireless telegraph.

    You Can now how a more accessible telegraph.
  • Lee Deforest invents the electronic amplifying tube or triode - this allowed all electronic signals to be amplified improving all electronic communications i.e. telephones and radios.

    This allows you to hear people Better since it amplifies their voice.
  • Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture.

  • First cross continental telephone call made

    Allows people to make calls to other countries.
  • First radios with tuners - different stations.

    Gives you more of a variety of listening stations like news or music
  • John Logie Baird transmits the first experimental television signal.

    This would later revolutionise the way people watch television.
  • Warner Brothers Studios invented a way to record sound separately from the film on large disks and synchronized the sound and motion picture tracks upon playback - an improvement on Thomas Edison's work.

    Now whilist watching a show you would also get words/sounds alot with the charecters in it.
  • First television broadcasts in England

    This would later spread worldwide.
  • First television broadcasts in the United States

    Later turn into many television stations,many being broadcasted worldwide
  • Xerox invents the Telecopier - the first successful fax machine.

    Copy information and send it to others more easily
  • Network television starts in U.S.

    Broadcasts important information,that will later go worldwide.
  • Apple I home computer invented.

    People can now Communicate over the internet via social networking and email.
  • First cellular phone network started in the United States.

    People can communicate with other using cellular devices
  • Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau built the prototype system which became the World Wide Web at CERN

    Many more websites now added and people can now communicate WorldWide,using the same sites in all countries!
  • American government releases control of internet and WWW is born - making communication at lightspeed.

    It is much more easier to access the internet now and go to websites to transfer information from person to person
  • The First Fully functional smartphone is made by apple macintosh,the iphone

    Using texting,talking,and connecting to the internet at the same time just got a whole lot easier!
  • Facebook is Released.

    The worlds biggest social networking site is made for free with applications such as messages,instant messaging,and photo albums!