the rhyming boy

By hic3006
  • the street of silly names

    the street of silly names
    jayden describes the street that he lives in
  • Period: to

    the rhyming boy

  • the day jayden meets saskia

    the day jayden meets saskia
    jayden and saskia meet for the first time in the canteen line
  • mr hardy will you come to the father son thing with me

    mr hardy will you come to the father son thing with me
    jayden asks mr hardy if he would come to the father son book thing with him because he doesnt have a dad to go with him
  • white shoes with yellow shoelaces

    white shoes with yellow shoelaces
    jaydens mum buys jayden these white shoes with yellow shoe laces for jayden from the salvos. on that day jayden walks to school and the local bully is walking with him. the bully names hamoltion gives jayden a dael he will wear jaydens shoes for 5 dollars. jayden declined his offer
  • sluething with saskia

    sluething with saskia
    saskia and jayden are trying to find jaydens dad. saskia goes on to the phone with the births,deaths and marriages office. she talks to them in an older voice but throughout the talk she returns to her origional voice.
  • saskias brilliant idea

    saskias brilliant idea
    saskiathinks of a brilliant plan to find jaydens dad. they both think that it is jaydens mums favourite football player, jayden finch.
  • the gilrs breakfast

    the gilrs breakfast
    jayden and saskia come up with the idea to have a girls,gizmos and grills breakfast.this is like the boys and books breakfast
  • the day i meet jayden finch

    the day i meet jayden finch
    jayden and saskia go to meet jaydne finch( jaydens supposed father). they bring jayden finch over to the side. he signs jaydens hat and then they tell him that they think that he is jaydens father. jayden finch emidditelly ignores what they say but saskia and jayden keep talking to him and trying to convince him. by the end of it he is sure that he is not jaydens dad and to prove it he takes saskia and jayden home to meet jaydens mum.
  • mr finch meets my mum

    mr finch meets my mum
    jayden finch droped jayden and saskia at jaydens place.jaydens mum opens the door surprised at what she sees.they go in for coffee. jayden finch signs jaydens mums juresy. by he end of it jaydne and saskia are convinced that jayden finch is not his dad.
  • the sneeky jayden

    the sneeky jayden
    that day at school saskia tells jayden to make his mum a special dinner to try and get her to tell him his dads name or where he lives. so that night jayden made stuffed chicken( his mums favourite). after dinner jayden goes into his room to call saskia.they talk and then hang up. jayden walkes out side of his room to find that his mum over heard the last part of the conversation. she says to him that she made him desert and then went off to bed. jayden just stood there with his eyes welling u.
  • the day my mum gave in

    the day my mum gave in
    that morning jaydens mum lef him a note telling him to come straight from school. when he came home his mum made fresh scones with wiped cream and jam(jaydens favourite). she told him that she had spoked to his dad and his dad said he would like to meet him.
  • the list of jayden

    the list of jayden
    jayden made a list of fact about him that his dad might think interesting when they meet
  • the day i meet my dad

    jayden gose to a cafe to meet his dad for the first time. he walks in to find a guy that looks just like him. they sit down to chat but all jayden could do is talk. every thing that he says is bad making conspiricys that his dad is very ill. by the end of the talk he faints.