Rhyming Boy

By taahlia
  • The Street of Silly Names

    The Street of Silly Names
    Jayden tells about the silly names in his street. His nextdoor neighbours Tony and Timmy Thompson, Mr and Mrs Sweet and Mr Hardy.
    language: "Tony Thompson, Timmy Thompson. I live in the street of silly names."
  • Period: to

    Rhyming boy

  • Jayden meets Saskia

    Jayden meets Saskia
    Jayden meets Saskia Devine in the tuckshop line.
    language: "The new girl in the class wouldnt like bad breath. She has the darkest hair in the world. True. We met in the canteen line today, I wished I'd kept mouth shut."
  • Jayden tries to find Saskia's house

    Jayden tries to find Saskia's house
    Jayden goes to the library and tries to look up Saskia's address.
  • Jayden and Saskia go sleuthing

    Jayden and Saskia realise Jayden Finch might be his father and they go searching for a time to meet him.
  • They meet Jayden Finch

    Saskia and Jayden meet the famous footballer at training and then they arrange for him to meet Jaydens mother.
  • Jaydens Mum fins out about Saskia and Jaydens search.

    Jaydens mum overhears him talking to Saskia on the phone and tells Jayden she has arranged for him to meet his ral father.
  • Jayden get very nervous.

    Jayden organises himself for the big day so nothing will go wrong while meeting his father.
  • Jayden meets his Dad.

    Jayden meets his long lost Father in a cafe and forgets all the questions he was going to ask him and fainted. he did find out that he has not remarried and lives by himself.
  • Jayden lives happily ever after

    Jayden meets his Dad again and talks with him properly. they see eachother regularly.