U.S Greatest Decade 1940's

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    The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was when Hitler declared war on the Jews. Hitler and hes followers caputered and sent them to prison camps. If they were lucky they where sent to work as slaves. 11 million people perished in the Holocaust more than half were Jews. This event made a hole wave of Jews cone to the U.S
  • Pocketless Pants

    Pocketless Pants
    U.S didn't have enough money to buy cloth because of the war world two. The cause of not having money for cloth they still made clothes but didn't make pockets. The u.s needed steel just for the war. The cause of it is that they didn't make lawn mowners , bicycles, and hair pens.
  • Internment Camps

    Internment Camps
    Military leaders and opinion makers warned the Japanese Americans might be secretly working to help Japan attack the West Coast. In response president Roosevelt ordered the removal of people of Japanese ancestry from theb West Coast. About 120,000 Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes and businesses and move distant. There they would remain for three long years even though not one Japanese Americans was ever accused of spying or treason.

    Yesterday December 7,1941 a date which will live in infamy the united statas of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan

  • U.S Invades Afrika Korps

    U.S Invades  Afrika Korps
    In 1942 the U.S invaded North Africa.Where Germany's defenses were weaker.100,000 Allied troops landed in North Africa.Their mission was to caputre Germany's Afrika Korps
  • A California solider

    A California solider
    "I view the service and World War 2, for me and many others, as the event that opened new doors. I, like so many of the Hispanic people, was from a farm family. When I went into the Air Corps and I found that I could compete with Anglo people effectively, even those with a couple years of collage, at some point along the way I realized I didn't have to go back to the farm.
  • Women on the job.

    Women on the job.
    When the war started most of the men volunteered to enter war. So lots of industries needed workers to work for them. So industries had to hire women for the job. Industries feared women woulden't do the job right because their weak. But women proved they could do what men did.
  • D-Day is coming

    D-Day is when U.S and its alies pepared to attack Germany.D-day came on June 6,1944.Early that morning 176,00 troops, 4,000 landing crafts, 600 war ships, and 11,000 planes.Left england for the beaches of Normandy. This day the U.S took back France.
  • Death camps

    Death camps
    Death camps were found by sovit troops thousands of the people in the camps were found sick and weak. They also found the worlds biggest crematorium a stunned soriet reported "It is a gigantic mder plant. This made FDR creates war Refugge board.