The Life of Ian Frazer

By natb
  • Ian Frazer is born.

    Ian Frazer is born.
    In Frazer was born in Glasgow, Scotland and was the eldest of 3 sons. His father was Sam Frazer and his mother was Marion. His father worked as a biochemist at Edinburgh University. His mother also worked in a medical department.
  • Period: to

    His life Span

    He is still alive today in Brisbane.
  • First University Passion

    His passion began when he went to the Edinburgh University and studied many types of vaccines.
  • New Research

    New Research
    Later, he started taking up research in immunoregulation, immunotherapeutic and vaccines for papillomavirus. If you want to see something gross, google search papillomavirus
  • Frazer Migrates

    Frazer Migrates
    Frazer moved to Melbourne when he was 27 to research viral immunology and autoimmunity.
  • History Changing Moment

    History Changing Moment
    After tireless years and much work put in, Frazer finally creates the Cervical Cancer vaccine. He was SO happy to finish his many years of working. But don't celebrate yet because it only came out in shops 15 years later in 2004.
  • Queensland University

    Queensland University
    Once again, he found himself at a university, the Queensland University in Brisbane. He came here to study how to protect people from skin cancer as his wife was diagnosed with it and he wished to help her get better. Here he also became a lecturer and met Dr John Yu. Yu was a main auxiliary with the making of the vaccine. A couple of years later he officially opened the ‘Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research.’
  • World Announcement

    The world was shocked by the potential of this vaccine and its possible worldwide impact. Many women were eager to receive the vaccine. It was heavily promoted and even provided free to young women who fell within a specific age bracket. For many women who had had, or known someone who had cervical cancer, the vaccine offered hope to their daughters and future generations.
  • Naughty Papillomavirus

    In 2005 Frazer and his research groups undertook clinical study of a vaccine against human papillomavirus.

    Frazer received the 2005 CSIRO Eureka Prize. He was happy to receive the award.
  • Wonderous Australian

    Wonderous Australian
    In the year 2006 Frazer bestowed the most pre-eminent acknowledgement any Australian can receive, and that is the Australian of the Year award. He received this honour for his development to the HPV cervical cancer vaccines.
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation

    Australian Cancer Research Foundation
    More recently, in 2009, Frazer was appointed Chair of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, a prestigious medical research advisory committee.
  • Medical Triumph

    Throughout the years that followed his hstoric moment these words have been kept. “I was driven by curiosity but also the desire to do good for other people.” Ian Frazer, his colleagues and their amazing medical triumph will be remembered forever.