Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili (Jospeh Stalin)

By rope
  • Birth

    Was born on this date to an abusive, drunk father and a passive mother int he small town of Gori, somewhere near Russia.
  • Scholarship

    Not exactly sure the exact date but he got his scholarship (this a general term 1-1-XXXX) to Tifils at age 14, this was also around the time his father died, unfortunatly he and his mother weer still in poverty.
  • Joining to Expullion (quit)

    He joined the Georgian Social-Democratic organization, but he ironically right before his examination at Tiflis he quit (or was expelled) and devoted his time to the political underground. He was arrested 7 times, exiled to Siberia.
  • Follow the Leader

    He started to follow Lenin and went to Fith Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in London. Also during the next few years he is arrested and banished to Siberia, he escaped several times.
  • Power

    Lenin evn though he wanted Stalin out of the party due to his populartiy, died in this year, and other parties weer arguing to take the control , but at the end Stalin with his politocal moves got the control.
  • Deal

    Stalin made a pcat with Nazi Germany called the Molontov-Ribbentrop Pact, which caused neither country to have conflict, but later on in 1941 Hitler broke it and attacked Russia.
  • Broken Pact

    Hitler breaks pact and attacks Russia, forcing Russia into WW 2.
  • Meeting Allies / Ending War

    On this date Joesph Stalin meets his allies, Great Britan, and U.S.A. or in other terms Winston Churchill, and Theodaore Roosevelt. Also in this year the Japs and Germans surrendor, japs in Augest, and Germans in May.
  • Death

    Stalin dies.
  • Even after ....

    Stalin is discredited and his body removed from the Lenin Mausoleum.