Japans major events

By seccc
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese, who were alredy waging war against the chinese, attacked the US pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, as a preliminary to taking British, French, and Dutch colonies in South East Asia
  • Britain and US declare war on Japan

    Britain and the US declared war on Japan
  • Japanese take Singapore

    Japanese take Singapore
    the Japanese captured Singapore from the British, taking about 60000 prisoners
  • Air Raid

    Largest Japanese air raid since Pearl Harbor occurs against Darwin, Australia; Japanese invade Bali
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    The USA defeated the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway. following this victory, the US navy was able to push the Japanese back
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    The Japanese generals refused to surrender. The US dropped an tomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima
  • Russia declares war on Japan

    Russia declared war on Japan and invaded Japanese-ruled Manchuria
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

    The US dropped an Atomic bomb on the port of Nagasaki as the Japanese hd not surreneded following Hiroshima
  • Japanese surrender

    The Japanese unconditionarlly surrrended to the allies ending the second word war
  • Macrthur accepts Japan's surrender

    US General, Dougas MacArthur, accepted Japan's surrender thus formally ending the second word war