D.E. program

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In Film
  • thru 5/11-Scripting/pre-pro: KY/AUS shoots

    *survey SLAC
    *compile intvw Q's
    *outline pgm
    *confirm scheduling-Madisonville/Nashville/Collin County/Austin
  • Period: to

    D.E. Production

  • thru 5/13- IMF/marketing updates

    *FY '11 pgm R&D/descriptions
    *DE flyer copy
    *reimbursements/clay's supporting pwk submitted
  • thru 5/14-Log/script

  • Marketing Mt'l (flyer copy) to JM-9a

  • thru May 21-ENG Shoot - KY/Nashville

  • thru May 28-Log/script

  • ENG-Austin/Claire Ellen?

  • Post Production thru Jun 11

    Dan Caldwell @ LCET
  • Shoot wraps-9-12

  • Packet prep-LB&KC

  • Packet elements to Josh for formatting-EOD

    EOD for JM to begin nxt a.m.
  • Close-Captioning - 2pm

  • Packet proof/finalize-all staff