Atomic theory

  • 446


    500 BC though atoms only differed in shape, size and position
  • 550


    440 BC Belived atoms were indestructable. Thought atoms were small hard particles that were always moving and could combine.
  • Jan 1, 600


    Thought atoms could not be constant moving if in a void. 4 elements and 4 qualitys and when found right spot stoped moving. 340 BC
  • May 12, 1492

    Cristopher Columbus discovers america

  • Robert Boyle

    studied pressure of gases and concluded that gases had tiny particles that formed toghther to make substances
  • Antoine Lavssier

    created a single common language for all scientist. This allowed science to advance.
  • America is born

    America claims independance from britan
  • John Dalton

    Concluded that the reason elements combined was because everything is made of atoms.He also developed a 3 part atomic theory. All particals are made of atoms they can not be divided or destroyed. Atoms very from element to element, and atoms join with other substances to create new and different substances.
  • Micheal Fraday

    split molecules with electrosis
  • American Civil war

  • JJ Thompson

    Thompson used a cathoe ray tube to determine that atoms had small particals in it. He also thought atoms were negative charged.
  • Hanatro Nagoka

    created an incorrect model of an atom that was comparable to saturn and its rings. It lead to the discovery of atom rings
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Rutherford shot a light beam through gold foil. Figuring if the plum pudding model was correct all the light would pass through most did but not all so rutherford made a model
  • Niels Bohr

    discovered electrons travel in definate path. paths are always at a certain distance from the nucleus and cannot travel in between but can jump
  • ww2 begins

  • world war one begins

  • WW1 ends

  • Paul Dirac

    Discovered anti electron and anti partical
  • Pearl Harbor

    America is attacked brings us into ww2
  • Glen Seaburg

    synthisised 6 Transium and talks about change in periodic table.
  • Spencer Morse was born

  • Period: to

    Atomic Theory Timeline

  • Quantom Mechanical Model

    each electron is though of as a cloud not a single partical and ocuppys all space and is at many different levels.