Martin cash

Martin Cash

By park
  • Birth

    Martin Cash was born on the 10 October 1808 at Ireland Counrty Wexford. his parents names were George and Margaret Cash.
  • Childhood

    He had wealthy parents that spoiled him and was well educated.
  • Mary Bennet

    Mary Bennet
    Sometime in 1817 Martin said that he was involved with a young woman Mary who lived with her mother in town. until Jessop a man fell in love wiht her and so did Mary. Martin was jealous and killed Jessop though a window.
  • housebreaking

    He worked as a farm boy until he was convicted for housebreaking. His crime was that he shot through a glass window. From then on he was the Tasmanian Bushranger.
  • Shooting

    Shooting a man over the favours of a woman.
  • Moving

    Martin left Cook Harbour and aboard the "Marquis of Huntely" and soon arrived on Botany Bay.
  • Mr George Bowman

    Martin Cash was assigned to George Bowman nd continued to work for him in the Hunter River Valley and worked as a stocksman. Soon he received a ticket of leave.
  • Met Gang

    He met his gang, His gang was with George Jones and Lawerance Kavengah at Port Arthur and the three pursued a bushranging career on foot, robbing inns and the homes.
  • Melboourne

    Martin escaped and started moving to Melbourne with a young girl named Bessie Clifford.
  • Robbering and escaping.

    Robbering and escaping.
    7 year’s hard labour for stealing 6 eggs. Escaped from an escape proof prison after meeting Lawrence and Jones. They tied their clothes to their heads and swam across the ‘shark infested’ waters. Over 40 armed robberies.
  • Bessie killed

    Martin knew about Bessie's unfaithfulness and he was dertermined to kill her and Joe Pratt, her new lover. Martin and Lawerence went ot find Bessie and Joe disgusing themselves as sailors, but they were almost arrested.
  • Hang

    He shot a man and was sentenced to hang except escaped.
  • Surrender

    In 1843 Lawerance Kavengah surrendered when he tried to escape and was hung
  • Marriage

    He married Mary Bennet a free convict woman in NSW.
  • Child

    He had a child called Martin and then moved ot New Zealand and stayed there for four years.
  • Retire

    He returned to Tasmania with a little bit of money and he purchased 60 arcs on the blanks of Montrose Creek, at Glenorchy, on which to retire
  • Published an autobiography

    during his retirement he wrote an autobiography which was called "Martin Cash, the Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land in 1843".
  • James Lester Burke and Alfred Bock

    Before Martin Cash's death he went to James Lester Burke an Irish writer able to write about Martin's life and past career. Alfred Bock drew a sketch of Martin in Sydney.
  • Death of son

    Martin's son Martin died in 1871.
  • Death

    He died in Hobart Tasmania.