the three philosophies of china

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    Laozi was the creater of doaism. He was a great, wise man. He was said to be the author of dao de jing.Laozi was an adisor for the zhou court for many years.
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    Confucianism was founded by a prince named Confucis. He lived from the years 551 to 479 B.C.E. He was born in a smalled city call Lu. As a child he expirenced first hand disorder.
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    confucianism part 2

    Confucis's village was invaded many times. The goal of confucianism was just and peaceful society. Confucis taught that society worked wellwhen all people acted proplerly based on the relationship with others. When Confucis deid people collected his sayings called The Analects. He also taught that knowledge was most important.
  • legalism

    The founder of leaglism was a man named hanfeizi. he was a pronce of a royal family of the state of Han. It is based on the idea that most people are very selfish. Civil servants should be watched carefully and punished for dond a bad job.