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5 Events Leading to Annexation of Korea

By hkrboy
  • Period: to

    Meiji Restoration

    Cause: Through Industrialization, Japan tried to prevent Western penetration. Chain of events that resotred imperial rule SignificanceThrough Industrialization, Japan tried to stop Western penetration.
  • Tonghak Rebellion

    Tonghak Rebellion
    Cause: Calling for Social reforms from the government; however it was met with negative response from the government, thus casuing a rebellion. Too much cap between the Yangbans and the peasants and unfair taxes and corruption in the government It was led by Tonghak, nationalistic religion, believers who were opposed of Westen cultures. Significance: It sparked the First Sino-Japanese War because Japanese interfered the rebellion when the Korean government asked for help from China.
  • Period: to

    First Sino Japanese War

    Cause: Tonghak Rebellion and forceful acts of Japanese to open Korea's gates to the Japanese and for the Koreans to get independence from China. It was a brutal war between Japan and China for control over Korea. Significance: It marked the emergence of Japanese Empire and their power and showed weakness of Chinese Empire.
  • Assassination of Queen Min

    Assassination of Queen Min
    Cause: She was Pro-Russian, buying Japanese government's resent. This is a.k.a. Eulmi Incident where Empress Myeongseong was raped, beaten, and burned by the Pro-Japanese officials and the Japanese assassins. Significance: It showed the consequences of turing against the Japanese, even the Queen herself, and acted a a force to turn the Korean government into Pro-Japanese government.
  • Period: to

    Russo-Japanese War

    Cause: Increased tension between Japan and Russia over Korea and Manchuria It was a war between Russia and Japan Significance: It resulted as victory of Japanese and it gained full control over Korea as well as demonstrated its power in East Asia.