5.8 Earth and space

  • 300 BCE

    Claudius Ptolemy

    Ptolemy discovered that the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all revolved around Earth. This helped and continues to help us with discoveries of our solar system
  • 255 BCE


    He invented a system of latitude and longitude, this is important because we use latitude and longitude to give exact locations
  • 1543

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    Discovered that earth and other planets revolve the sun. Leading to the advancement and accuracy in astronomical tools
  • Nov 11, 1572

    Tycho Brahe

    In 1572 Brahe discovered a new star. The star was one of the fixed stars, which were thought to be perfect and unchanging
  • Johannes Kepler

    Discovered the Keplerian Telescope. This is important because with this we discovered hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets in the Milky Way
  • Sir Isaac Newton

    Newton discovered gravity. This is important because gravity helped keep the planets rotating around the sun
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert discovered E=Mc^2. This was important because it was a success of fundamental physics power